Sudha Ramaswami


Fancy Anansi

Wow, what a Fantastic book!! It’s a favorite in our house, both kids and adults love this story! It’s wonderful to read a book that teaches Human Values! My child Loves reading Fancy Anansi and has bonded with the character so much! The illustrations are bright and inviting! Kids of all ages can enjoy the captivating story. Hats off to the author! Thank you for writing this book for our kids! We are looking forward to the next book by this author!! 🙂


I have given this book to so many friends & collegues and all of them have given such rave reviews from their children! Many comments have come in saying that their kids want to read the book over & over again! It’s the only book that they want to read at bedtime! Parents are asking for the author to quickly write another book. It’s a touching & funny story about friendship, honesty and teamwork! Please buy the book for a kid that you love!

~Madhu M Sonti

My toddler son loves this book as it captures his imagination in a wonderful way. Children will not only enjoy the modern setting but also learn various lessons on hard work, being truthful and the importance of team work. It’s a fantastic book with a great story aided by creative illustrations. I would recommend this for all kids and also those who would love a folklore with a modern twist.

~Divya P

Great book for all ages. Teach children to be kind, friendly, tell the truth, love and work as a team. I bought 5 of them for my classroom (Pre-K, 4 and 5 year-old students), for my students and co-workers.

~Sufyetty Z. Mitsudome

My 5 year old daughter loves the book! Kids will be able to relate with the values taught in this book. The art work is wonderful and inviting to kids of all ages.


Help Ever, Hurt Never

Really loved this latest book. It conveys a beautiful moral in a fun rhyming story that is relatable with a problem that is common to every student in any walk of life. The artwork is beautifully done as well. Sudha did a remarkable job at putting this book together. The story very unassumingly teaches a powerful message. In a world and time where morals are hard to come by in the media, this book sets the example for future authors and teachers, giving children’s literature the opportunity reclaim its role in teaching our children values that are essential.Thank you Mrs. Ramaswami for giving us this gift:)

~Sampath M.

My children (3 boys aged 4, 7, 10) loved this book and the illustrations. The older ones especially liked the message of “help ever hurt never.” As a parent I really look for values based books such as these, and Sudha Ramaswami’s books fit the bill!!! Highly recommend to anyone looking to teach their children human values in a fun way.

~Amazon Customer

Such a realistic situation based book that help our kids with what they face today & how to deal with cheating & friendship! Loved the characters & the poetic journey through their little lives! A must read for your children of any age!

~Surya S.